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Childrens Art & Exploration Day

The childrens festival within the festival!

Join us for a tour in our amazing world as Grønland Kulturstasjon and Asylet Café are turned into a colorful piñata, stuffed with fun things to do, remarkable things to experience and unforgettable things to taste. It is time for the children’s festival within the festival!

Join in to sing, dance and participate in workshops for kids in all ages. Are you an aspiring chef or just a little hungry – travel all the way to Thailand and learn how to make delicious food.

Children’s Arts Exploration is a family festival where the whole family can travel around the world -for free! In the bustling bazaar you have many activities, things to look at and food from different continents. Clowns will tumble about the place with big smiles and warm hearts, while a concert may pop up on a staircase, or as you stand in line. What is hiding inside the big adventure castle, who lives in the caravan – and can you find the way to Celios jungle? Come and see for yourself!

In collaboration with: Oslo musikk­ og kulturskole og OM;Interkulturelt Museum

Thanks to: Asylet, Bydel gamle Oslo, Den Thailandske ambassade, Indian rhythms og Samspill international

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