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Theme 2020 Solidarity
New webside and festival program coming in september


NEWS Quartet, Monoswezi and Megafon
The radio show Jungeltelegrafen has for many years kept an ear to the ground to record and document events on the global music scene in this country. During the […] More >

Club Juicy

After the concert with Gato Preto Klubb Juicy will make us dance to their version of world music. NOTE: age 20 years age limit. More >

A coffee with…

Brigitte, Boubacar Traoré, Gaby Moreno, Niko Valkeapää and P2 Jungeltelegrafen
This year we invite you to artist talks at Cafeteatret, called “A coffee with…”. The talks are led by an interviewer, and we wish for the audience to participate. […] More >


Following the opening concert of El Gusto, we move the party from Rockefeller to one of the finest venues in the city, Stratos! This place is called “the rooftops” […] More >

Angham Al-Rafidain Ensemble (Iraq)

Music from the cradle of civilization
Angham Al-Rafidain is a legendary band from Iraq that plays Al Maqam Al Iraqi, 400-year old melodies improvised on the basis of a given set of rules. Maqam is […] More >