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Theme 2020 Solidarity
New webside and festival program coming in september

Baris K

Oslo World Music Festival and Untzdag presents DJ and producer Baris K from Istanbul. Finally we got a chance to invite our favorite kebab disco dude to the little […] More >

Culoe De Song

African house-music has has a tailwind in recent years. In charge artists such as Black Coffee and especially Culoe De Song, the South African who seriously received the […] More >

The Sound of the Sacred

- a bus journey to three sacred spaces in Oslo
Through visits to sacred spaces, we will explore the sound of the sacred during the Oslo World Music Festival. Migration and globalization give rise to new congregations and communities […] More >

Javid Afsari Rad (NO/IR)

pres. Rumi Ensemble & Mohammad Motamedi
– in the footsteps of the Sufi poet Exactly 806 years ago, a boy came to the world not knowing that he would come to influence Persian culture and […] More >

El Far3i / El Rass / Munma (JO/LB)

- Beirut&Beyond!
This collective consists of three Arab artists presenting an explosive mixture of protest music, hip hop and electronica. El Far3i is based in Amman, Jordan, but his roots […] More >

Gipsy Kings (FR)

– the sound of the Eighties
This is huge. We are talking about the band that gave sound to the late Eighties, shaking up Norway with hits like Bamboleo and Bem Bem Maria. This year […] More >