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Theme 2020 Solidarity
New webside and festival program coming in september


Every musical genre needs it’s trojan horse. In the case of digital cumbia and digital folklore, ZZK Records has been at the epicenter of the movement. One of the […] More >

Maxida Märak

- concert and seminar
Hard rap, joik & heavy electronic beats – the sami way Heard it before? Don’t think so. Maxida Märak started producing her own music only two years ago, but […] More >

Onom Agemo & the Disco Jumpers (DE)

- Playful afrofunk from Berlin’s hippest alleys
Is there really anything as groovy as afrobeat? Not even the late funk great James Brown was able to create rhythms as effective as Fela Kuti did in his […] More >

Dj Clock

- Precise rhythms
South African Kholile Elvin Gumede, better known as DJ Clock, was long in the shadow of his three DJ/producer classmates Glenn Lewis, Vinny Da Vinci and DJ Fresh. The […] More >

Open Xpressions

- Dynamic stage at Cafeteatret
Open Xpressions at Cafeteatret started in 2009, and has become one of the most dynamic and exciting open stages in Oslo! This is an open meeting-ground, a forum and […] More >

Ol’ Man River

- Theatre at Nordic Black Theatre / Cafeteatret
Paul Robeson is more or less forgotten today, but in his time, he was one of the world’s greatest artists. The African-American artist and civil rights activist managed to […] More >