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Theme 2020 Solidarity
New webside and festival program coming in september

Seminar: The Colombian Case

Music as a tool of empowerment
Oslo World Music Festival welcomes you to a panel discussion before the concert with Puerto Candelaria. Discussing the role of music as an instrument of reconciliation and empowerment of […] More >

Songs in the mist IR/NO

Usynlige stemmer fra Iran
Three young female singers – all pupils of the famous Iranian singer Mahsa Vahdat – presents songs from the Persian poetic golden age : The texts of Rumi , […] More >

Sounds of the sacred

Adventure tours to sacred spaces
Oslo World repeats the success withadventure tours to sacred spaces and sounds of the sacred will once again be explored. Migration and globalization creates new churches and faiths originating […] More >

Artist Talk: Mashrou ́ Leila (LB)

The Lebanese indiepop band Mashrou ́ Leila is probably the biggest band from the Arabic world right now. Recently their concert in Jordan got cancelled. The band was informed […] More >