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New webside and festival program coming in september

Avslutningsfest – Bomfunk Mimosa NO

Regardless of weather and wind, the two-headed DJ troll Bomfunk Mimosaguarantees fourty degrees in the shade. Martin Hartgen (musician) and Kim Klev (music journalist) cultivate music that’s lush, refreshing and cheeky – from […] More >

Noma World

Pop-Up store
Lamia Be was born and raised in Oslo, in a traditional Moroccan home in Tøyen. Dana Jdid was born in Abu Dhabi and raised in Oslo in a Syrian […] More >


Futuristic tribal beats
The future is female! When MINA – a 24-year-old rapper based in Quito – spits her fiery verses, she’s thus not only acting on her own behalf. The frustrations […] More >

Assaad Awad LB

Fashion as groundbreaking art
“In a world of copy/paste, we need to go back to the handcrafted”. This is among the key ideas of Lebanese designer Assaad Awad, who will partake in a […] More >

Jonas Benyoub (NO)

The cool class-clown
Don Martin doesn’t call himself “Don” for nothing. He’s a kind of father figure – a mentor, if you like – for several talented youngsters. Among them is “little […] More >

Lotus (NO)

Flower with thorns
Lotus is Norwegian hip-hop’s first lady, if we are to believe Don Martin. And he has good reasons to claim so: Maria Karlsen has already made her mark as […] More >