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Ana Moura

Renewing the fado

“You do not choose to become a fado singer, you’re born as one” says Ana Moura. In recent years, she has become one of the main ambassadors of fado, the music which is often referred to as the blues of Portugal.

The word fado itself means destiny, and since Ana Moura claims that fado is her destiny in life, magical alchemy occurs every time she enters the stage.

She is famous for enchanting the audience with her dazzling voice, sensual aura and soulful performance. Her abilities have not gone unnoticed. Ana Moura was the first Portuguese singer to perform in Carnegie Hall, New York. She has appeared with music legends such as The Rolling Stones and Prince, and last year she was nominated as “Best Artist of 2011” by the distinguished music journal Songlines.

In other words, this is a fado performer of the highest rank, but also a rejuvenator of this old, impassioned song tradition.

Ana Moura appears at this year’s closing concert at Rockefeller!


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