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BaBa ZuLa

Turkish Psychedelic Party Music

BaBa ZuLa is a band that has been on our wish list for a long time. And finally we get the chance to present them to an audience in Oslo!

Baba Zula has garnered a lot of attention for its novel way of mixing oriental instruments, like the saz and darbuka, with modern electronic sounds. The band describes its music as “oriental Istanbul rock ’n roll that rolls in a futuristic way inspired by the late 60s”. Or “Istanbul psychedelica” for short.

This group has a surplus of creative fantasy and no reservations about giving their all on stage. A performance by Baba Zula offers a unique experience chock full of diverse forms of artistic expression. They are known for their offbeat costumes, belly dancers, live poetry, live drawing and dramatic acting, as well as for musicians who are wheeled through the audience on tour cases and improvise with all manner of props.

Our festival director was wildly enthusiastic after a long evening at a Baba Zula concert in Istanbul. And we are expecting an ecstatic audience when the group plays an evening concert at  Parkteatret. The band’s own DJ will spin tunes both before and after the performance. We promise you a real, Turkish psychedelic party!

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