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Paris très chic

Note the name Brigitte! You have heard it before, in the form of Brigitte Bardot, Brigitte Lahaie, Brigitte Fontaine and Brigitte femme de flic. The band Brigitte wants to do justice to them all. And if you have not yet heard of the band Brigitte, you most certainly will in the time to come!

Brigitte consists of Sylvie Hoarau and Aurélie Saada, two Parisian vixens. Their music is hyped, as is their style, and their YouTube videos have many millions of hits. Their first concert was staged in a Paris art gallery, and since then they have impressed devotees of both music and art.

Their music is labelled retro pop-folk, but the duo is inspired by a variety of genres ranging from jazz and hip-hop to disco and rock. Their lyrics often borrow phrases from hip-hop, or they use proverbs that they recast and make their own. With equal ease, they make their own cover versions of things they find cool and things they find cheesy, and tributes to paradoxes have become their trademark. They have also attracted a lot of attention for their soft version of the tough hiphop song “Ma Benz” by the group Suprême NTM.

Since their debut album “Et vous, Tu m’aimes?” in April 2011, they have performed for sold-out venues across Europe. We are lucky enough to see them with a full band  in the intimate setting at Blå!

DJs Tungekyss are playing before and after the concert.

NOTE: 20 year age limit!


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