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Energetic Ethiopian rhythms meets jazz and punk

EthioAction is an innovative project assembled by the renowned drummer Paal Nilssen-Love, specifically for Oslo World Music Festival!

Nilssen-Love has undertaken several musical projects in Ethiopia, initiated by the Dutch punk band  The Ex. Now he wants to introduce the exciting musical scene of Addis Abeba to a Norwegian audience. EthioAction is a special concert by 22 musicians from various bands. Together they will perform a six-hour long concert at Blå. All its elements have been compiled to reflect the musical scene in the Ethiopian capital. In Addis, you can see up to 20 musicians performing in an intimate setting, and they keep playing for hours and hours. In Oslo, you can experience ecstatic music and dance with the eleven-piece band Ethiocolor, Christian Orthodox harp performance by Zerfu Demissie, Ethiopian troubadours from Ililta trio, as well as the punk-rockers in “The Ex” and the free-jazz guys Paal Nilssen-Love and Mats Gustafsson from the group “The Thing”. EthioAction will be an experience to remember!

In addition DJ Mitmitta (Nor/Eth) is playing hypnotic Ethiopian music.

NOTE: 20 years age limit!


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