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Gandu & Gandu Circus

Bengali thrash metal rap

Gandu (2010) is a film that follows a poor boy named Gandu (Hindi for asshole), who is driven into a life of drugs, sex and dark forces. All he wants to do is rap out his frustration.

The film has been controversial in India due to its strong language and numerous sex scenes. Not shown in its country of origin until this year, the film has been featured at many film festivals around the world. Gandu was filmed in black and white, and directed by Q (Qaushiq Mukherjee). Q, who has written all the rap in the film, calls his work a “rap musical”. The music is scored and performed by Five Little Indians, an alternative rock band from India. While the film has attracted international attention, the soundtrack has done the same, and this is why the film’s director Q and Neel from Five Little Indians have teamed up and launched the group Gandu Circus, performing thrash metal rap from the film. Recently they have been joined by Jivraj Singh, who gives their work an even groovier sound. Together the group presents a multimedia event with digital visual art on a canvas behind the stage. We will present both the film and Gandu Circus at Cafeteatret on Friday, November 2nd.


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