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Oscar D’Leon

The Salsa King

El Sonero del Mundo (the Son Singer of the World), El Sonero Mayor (the Great Son Singer), El Faraón de la salsa (the Pharaoh of Salsa) or El Leon de Salsa (the Lion of Salsa). A dear child has many names, and in the world of salsa Oscar D’Leon is one of the most beloved. This guy is also called the “King of Salsa” and has managed to remain on his throne for almost 50 years. His most popular hit, “Lloraras”, which was recorded in 1975, remains relevant to this day and is played regularly in salsa dance clubs around the world.

A car crash in the early 1970s forced D’Leon to give up his job as a taxi driver and focus on his hobby, playing and singing music. After the accident, his music career took off. The self-taught musician made an impression with his rich voice and his own intuitive approach to the music. He became internationally renowned and has since performed at the world’s greatest venues, such as Madison Square Garden in New York.

Although D’Leon was born in Venezuela, he takes his inspiration from classical Cuban salsa and is regarded as the most Cuban of all non-Cuban artists. He’s a living musical legend who is worth seeing, including for those who usually don’t dance salsa!


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