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Gaby Moreno

Lovable retrosoul

Gaby Moreno gave us chills during our first digital listening, and chances are good that she will move us just as much when she plays unplugged in Parkteatret.

This singer-songwriter is renowned for her soulful, distinctive voice. One moment she sings with an earthy, husky voice, only in the next moment to trill out elegant, crystal-clear tones.

Moreno plays her own personal version of jazz-infused soul and blues and is often compared with Norah Jones. On her most recent album “Illustrated Songs”, she fuses elements of blues, jazz and soul from the 1920s–1940s with Latin American music from the same era. Her recording has garnered rave reviews, and Moreno is predicted to become as big a name as the aforementioned Jones.

Gaby Moreno has toured with Tracy Chapman and Ani DiFranco, been the warm-up for Nouvelle Vague and The Milk Carton Kids. You have undoubtedly heard one of her songs in TV series such as Lincoln Heights, Ghost Whisperer or MTV’s The Hills. We sincerely hope that many of you will come to hear her perform live in Oslo!


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