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- fiery Flamenco

Don’t let the name fool you – Argentina is as Spanish as they come. Born Argentina Maria López Tristancho, she was brought up in Huelva, in the middle of the Andalucía province. Andalucía is known as the cradle of Spanish Flamenco, and Argentina, was educated a cantaora. Thus she has conquered the whole country with her beautiful song.

Flamenco has a long history in the Andalucian province, but was first recorded in literature in the late 18th century. A fortunate blend of local and Romani singing and dance traditions, it has been tightly connected to the Gypsy or Gitano tradition in Southern Spain. There might be influences from Moorish culture as well. Flamenco means fiery or flame-like, and its musical expression is indeed dramatic and intensive. There are several Flamenco artists excelling in various fields: Song, guitar, dance and handclapping. An internationally acclaimed musical form, it now has more schools in Japan than in Spain! However, the greatest Flamenco stars are still born in Spain, and young Argentina is on her way to become one of the most popular cantaoras of all time.

She has released four studio albums since 2006, all to great critical acclaim. But her live performances have been praised the most – her beautiful song has brought audiences to tears all over Spain. Not long ago, she made her debut on South American soil. Naturally, it had to be at the Latin American cultural congress of Mar del Plata – in Argentina! Now she is finally ready for the Oslo World Music Festival!


Text: Kristian Krogh-Sørensen

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