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Norway's best and least dressed psychedelic groove-rock band

Believe us, we’ve tried to make some sense of Beglomeg. But it’s hard. After all, this is a band that seemingly loves to dress up – or dress down, rather – when they’re on a stage and pouring with sweat, while their press release, signed a Mystik Face-someone, describes the septet as both “cardamom-scented excess-slime” and “necromasochists”. With the golden tights, the nudity, and the manic self-descriptions in mind: Beglomeg is a really tight and brilliant live band.

Past work with musical projects like Serena-Maneesh, Frank Znort Quartet and Norwegian singer-songwriter Anna Grete Preus of all things, sure adds to the band’s collective skills, while their musical references really does the trick: Sounding like a narcotic krautrock band like Can, with sparkles of frenetic jazz fusion and spaced-out italo disco, Beglomeg is basically anything you could ask for from a crazy night at the club.

Tekst: Kim Klev

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