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El Far3i / El Rass / Munma

- Beirut&Beyond!

This collective consists of three Arab artists presenting an explosive mixture of protest music, hip hop and electronica. El Far3i  is based in Amman, Jordan, but his roots are in Palestine – which strongly connects him to the Palestinian cause. A percussionist, guitarist, singer and rapper, his music is beyond terms of genre and reveals him as a dedicated and versatile musician.

Beirut’s El Rass is a hard-hitting rapper delivering whimsical rhythms comprising everything from electronic beats and samples to traditional instruments like the baglama. El Rass claims to be a digital Bedouin opposing nostalgia and nationalism, but reaching out to the future anchored in his Arabic identity.

Munma is a pseudonym for Jawad Nawfal, a Lebanese artist who has collaborated with El Rass on numerous occasions but also makes atmospheric music as a solo artist. He has released several EPs and full-length albums with his musical collective Altered Ear, experimenting with drone-like expressions as well as a musical homage to the late poet Mahjoub Omar (1932-2012). He recently released his latest record, No Apologies, on German label Syrphe.

ID: 20 years!

Tekster: Kristian Krohg-Sørensen

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