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Folk på Torsdag: Fant-Karl

- the concert is presented by Riksscenen

Meet one of the greatest pop stars of Norwegian history! In the 19th century, the legendary itinerant fiddler Fant-Karl travelled the length and breadth of the country, teaching rural fiddlers starved of new ideas the rock’n’roll of the age – the waltz. We invite you to an intriguing encounter with Mary Barthelemy, who is an expert on Fant-Karl, along with some of the foremost performers of his folk-music legacy. There will be waltz, waltz and waltz – and stories about love of music and cultural exchange between settled people and itinerants.

Mary Barthelemy – narrator, Synnøve Bjørset – Hardanger fiddle, Einar Olav Larsen – violin, Daniel Røssing – piano, Linda Gytri – accordion, Aslak Brimi – violin, Olav Christer Rossebø – mandolin, violin, guitar

The concert is presented by Riksscenen.

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