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Jambinai & Black String

- traditional and metallic from South Korea

With their Korean instruments piri, geomungo and haegeum, Jambinai trick their audience into believing that they will hear something completely different. Because, with their creative and modern techniques, the trio elicits a hard, metallic sound from their otherwise wholly traditional instruments. This sensational South Korean band is the brainchild of EERU, Kim Bomi and Shim Eunyoung. Their dark and uncompromising sound landscapes are accompanied by tender string solos, intense vocal performances and saxophone-like wind instruments. With their shrewd fusion of hard and soft elements, the band creates a completely unique sound. Jambinai is therefore a breath of fresh air to audiences who love this kind of musical language.

Black String is world music project band which was founded in 2013 with Yoon-jeong Heo(geomungo) and other Korean traditional artists such as Min-su Kang (vocal&percussions), Aram Lee(daegum&yanggeum) and jazz artist Jean Oh(guitar).
The group aims to seek a new sound that can internalize a variety of musical expression in traditional music, as well as harmonize with other expression in world music.The new sound will be reinterpreted by artists who embrace traditional music as well as jazz, reflecting composed and improvised creations.It especially focuses on improvisation as an important aspect of Korean traditional music and attempts to create a unique language through Asian intuition and musical idiom.The music of Black String based on Korean musical traditions, will offer a fresh, new sound to audiences. And Black String will offer an experience that broadens the appreciation of the world music audience by presenting an “ancient” tradition within a modern setting.

We look forward to presenting two very different performing artists, who in their completely unique ways will demonstrate South Korean music of the highest quality.

The concert is presented in collaboration with Korean Arts Management Service (KAMS)

Text: Torill Olsen

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