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- straight from the hart!

Did you know that in Buddhism, the lotus flower is the symbol of purity of mind and spirit? No wonder then, that Lotus, the alias of half-Nigerian Maria Ima Karlsen, claims to sing directly from the heart, helped by the blood of wandering itinerants which is said to flow through her veins. In this project, all emotions stream forth in purified form – the lively and joyful as well as the solemn and sentimental.

Even though Lotus is still at the early stage of her career (not a single song has yet been released), her list of achievements is far from modest. On the contrary: she has been a professional dancer since the age of 15, she has won the “Gullruten” award for her production of the “AF1” children’s TV series, and she has singlehandedly staged the first hip-hop performance at The Norwegian Opera and Ballet. It is easy to see why she is permanent choreographer and dancer for artists such as Madcon, Mira Craig and Admiral P.

Inspired by soul, funk, poetry, hip-hop and reggae, Lotus brings with her a full band, consisting of beatboxes, a drummer, a guitarist, a bass player and backing singers when she performs – not once, but twice – during this year’s Oslo World Music Festival. Her first show will be as supporting act to Congolese Baloji on 31 October, the second will be in front of the youngest adults (a.k.a. “the youth”) in the Deichmanske Library at Grünerløkka on 1 November.

NB: no age limit!


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