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Mark Ernestus pres. Jeri-Jeri

double concert with Owiny Sigoma Band

Why should a techno music producer from Berlin come to Oslo World Music Festival? Well, why not? Mark Ernestus might be best known as one half of Basic Channel, an outfit that contributed strongly to the foundation of the hypnotizing, groovy dub techno that was rampant in the early Nineties.

Since then, the eyes of the world have moved from Jamaica and dub, crossed the Atlantic and reached Senegal, a nation known for its hyper-rhythmical dance mbalax. Against this backdrop, it is fully understandable how Ernestus chose to embrace the Senegalese band Jeri-Jeri, releasing their music on his label Ndagga like there was no tomorrow.

Jeri-Jeri, a Dakar-based musical collective, fetches their groove from five percussionists, a full mbalax band and from their fantastic singer, Mbene Diatta Seck. Listening to their repetitive and compelling dance music, it is easy to understand why it appeals to lovers of dub techno.

At Rockefeller with the same ticket: Owiny Sigoma Band.


Text: Kim von Klev

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