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Zuzuka Poderosa & Nego Moçambique

- groundbreaking funk rap from Brooklyn

Brooklyn-based singer Zuzuka Poderosa doesn’t hold back when she lashes out in Portuguese accompanied by bass heavy beats borrowed from the likes of dancehall, reggae, bhangra and funk.

Zuzuka was born and raised in Brazil and both raps and sings in Portuguese, English and Spanish. She calls her music Carioca Bass and has given her songs the name “Interracial Music Babies”, her own little fusions mixing together the genres she loves. Her sound originates in Baile Funk, the dance music that sprung out of the poor favelas in Rio. Zuzuka’s way of making music has been likened with a centrifuge, sucking up all the best rhythms of the world, mixing in some punchy rap and then flinging it all out with great force to the delight of her audience.

During her career, Zuzuka Poderosa has collaborated with a long list of producers, Dj’s and musicians, like the Baile Funk legend DJ Edgar, the so-called ambassador of Bhangra DJ Rekha, Girl Talk and Sleigh Bells. Zuzuka’s successful mixing of genres has earned her a lot of praise, from amongst others MTV, PRI’s The World and NPR Alt.Latino. Her debut EP Carioca Bass was released in January and features two original tracks and a bunch of great remixes of these same two songs made by credible DJ’s and musicians from around the world.

When Zuzuka makes her way to Oslo and takes over the stage at Parkteatret she will be joined by the Brazilian DJ and producer DJ Nego who will also be playing a DJ set after the concert. Bets are you’ll find it hard to stand still during this reputedly powerful live performance.


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