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Danny Maroc

Warming up the kids before Blitz the Ambassador

At first the disappointment hits you like a punch in the kidneys – soon after the fury makes your blood boil. Why in God’s sake is the World such a condemned and unfair place? If one has ever gotten to know that your favorite band is coming to town, before realizing that there’s still two years left until you can legally buy a beer, one would know how horrible it is to be both a teenager and a lover of music. That’s why Yngling, Parkteatret’s fresh concert-concept for all ages, is a sympathetic, saving grace for the youth of Oslo.

As the creators of the concept write on their webpages, the Yngling shows usually focus on Norwegian musicians. Oslo World is the perfect partner to hand-in-hand expand Yndlings horizons!  This year, everyone who wants to- and not only beer-drinking, beard parents – can get a piece of Blitz the Ambassador and Danny Maroc.

Danny Maroc has established himself as a well-known name in the Norwegian hip-hop community. Many will know him from the duo Danny & Pumba, where he together with OnklP and Chiragh from Karpe Diem released the legendary song “Stil”. He has had the pleasure of being support act to big names such as The Game, Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg.

Danny was born by his Moroccan dad and Norwegian mom and raised in Holmlia,. His background and past has made him socially engaged and he is often a spokesperson for youths.

Now he is ready to perform for Yndlig, as he enters the stage before Blitz the Ambassador.


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Text: Kim Klev

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