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Dj Marfox

The club-ready sound of Lisbons Afro-Portugese suburbs

As terrifyingly wounded as Portugal is in the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis, one would suppose this wasn’t the right time for an innovative music scene to establish itself in Europe’s eldest country. But if history has tried to tell us anything, it’s that there exists a deep, human need for escapism through music when everyday life gets too heavy.

In this regard, DJ Marfox is much more than just a forerunner for Lisbon’s latest club scene. Marlon Sivas, which is his real name, has also become a sort-of club music’s Godfather for the primarily African-descendant suburb youth in the capital. Through his four EPs, including this year’s Lucky Punch, Sivas has set the standard for this distinct sound: Acidic house rhythms mashed together with unmistakable elements of kuduro – an energetic type of dance music from the formerly Portuguese colony of Angola.

However: Ten years have passed since DJ Marfox first started exploring this genre as a part of the DJs Do Ghetto crew. Since then, a younger generation of producers have flocked around Sivas, and in a good old ode to the elder, they have named themselves after him. One of them is the formidable DJ Nigga Fox (Rogério Brandão) – who will head to Oslo World Music Festival together with his mentor. According to the music magazine Dazed Digitals ’s dew fresh feature about the Lisbon scene, the Portuguese can’t stand still when Marfox and Nigga Fox enters the stage. And why would that be any different in Norway?

DJ Marfox and DJ Nigga Fox perform at Blå on Saturday November 1st, accompanying the Peruvian duo of Dengue Dengue Dengue.

Text: Kim Klev

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