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Gilles Peterson

World-renowned DJ

The end of May 2014: There’s only two short weeks left until one million football fans occupy Rio de Janeiro to attend the World Cup of the Universe’s most popular sport. But the government is having a terribly hard time overcoming the gang criminality that traumatises the favaelas in the city which the finale is being held. Meanwhile, the soaring violence statistics and FIFA’s sordid corruption scandals, paints the forever-blue Brazilian skies black this summer, the DJ, acid jazz-lover and BBC-veteran Gilles Peterson has made a choice to highlight all that makes Brazilian music outstanding.

Dew-fresh Sonzeira: Brazil Bam Bam Bam is actually recorded in Rio, where Peterson – in cooperation with the likeminded house producer Floating Points (aka Sam Sheperd) – got a hold of several of the greatest forces in the football nation’s multifaceted music scene. The samba legends Seu Jorge and Elza Soares both have a membership in this supergroup, and the same goes for Arlindo Crux, Emanuelle Araujo and Nana Vasconcelos. With their help Giles Peterson have been able to weave together a distinctively Brazilian mix of tropicalia, bossa nova and jaile funk – while also bringing something fresh and genuine to the table.

The Sonzeira-supergroup won’t tour until some time in 2015. Nevertheless, we’ve been so lucky that Peterson, being the reputable disc jockey he is, will be playing music from this project (and probably some other latino tunes) during this year’s Oslo World Music Festival. As an extra bonus the set will be accompanied by a viewing of the documentary behind Sonzeira – which will give you even greater insight into the blooming music culture of Brazil.

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Text: Kim Klev

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