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Barcelona for life!

Those who know Spanish pop music should be familiar with Ojos de Brujo, a fusion outfit where Marina ”La Canillas” Abad handled the vocals. Marinah is her solo project, and her first album El Baile de las Horas (Dance of the Hours) has just been released – with production help from Philippe Cohen Solel of Gotan Project fame.

According to Marinah, her solo career is the start of an “adventurous expedition in search of new sounds, new paradigms, and new imagery”. The sound on the album is airy, graceful, filled with Flamenco guitars and tight rhythm. Marinahs voice wraps the music in with enthusiasm and inspiration, albeit at times showing tenderness and melancholy. Underneath the pop surface there is also a hint of traditional Latino music: The flamenco is ever-present, we hear traces of Argentine tango and Brazilian rhumba – even a whiff of Arabian music has blown across the Mediterranean and mingled in with the rest. Marinah is well aware of this eclecticism: Calling her music World Pop, she says it’s her childhood in Barcelona’s labyrinthine and multicultural Gothic quarter that exposed her to so many different styles and gave her the opportunity to tie them all together in an elegant manner. Her career as a solo artist has just begun – it will be exciting to follow her path further.


Tekst: Kristian Krogh-Sørensen

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