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Monica Ifejilika

Queendom's first lady - reborn as a solo act!

It’s always a great event for us when the Oslo World Music Festival coincides perfectly with important releases from our favorites. At the time of writing this, Norwegian-Nigerian Monica Ifejilika is spending long days in the studio with producer André Viervoll, carving out the neosoul that will result in her solo debut as a recording artist.

Let’s put an emphasis on the word: solo debut. Monica Ifejilika has a long and respectful standing in the Norwegian culture scene, where she’s spent the last 15 years as a substantial part of the collective named Queendom. In this group she has – together with Hannah Kvam, Haddy N’jie and Asta Lydersen, to name a few – created a bunch of humour shows, along with the Queendom record Still Rising in 2012. She’s also a part of the gospel choir Traces. Oslo World’s close relationship with Monica Ifejilika was kickstarted in 2007, when we arranged the premiere of “Queendom in Concert” which shortly after bloomed into a full tour under the wings of Rikskonsertene.

Word has it that her solo debut will be a bit more electronic than the African genre potpourri that constituted Still Rising – blues, soukouss, afrobreat and reggae. The sound of “British synthpop” and “hypnotizing beats” will take a central position in the sonic landscape, seamlessly fusioned with American soul and Nigerian gospel music. In other words: Great reasons to look forward to both record release and a concert from Monica Ifejilika during this year’s festival.

Monica Ifejilika will play at Parkteatret 31st of October, the concert will be a double concert with the Berlin-based electronic duo OY!

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