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Berlin-based electronic duo creating a musical mosaic of half the Globe’s sounds

Berlin plays a mythological role in the history of music. This shagged, complicated and multifaceted metropol has after all been the muse for several of our greatest musician’s most innovative and best relases – that being David Bowies Low or U2s Achtung Baby!. It is, in other words, easy to understand why the duo OY chooses to work out of Germany’s capital, as with tons of other musicians within the electronic and experimental segment of pop music.

The global aspect of their year-fresh album debut No Problem Saloon does however, stretch way beyond the city’s notorious techno clubs or the currywürsts. In fact, the record’s back bone is made of a series of field recordings that the Swiss-Ghanian singer Joy Frempong made during her many trips through the African nations of Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana and South Africa.

When she eventually returned to her base in Berlin, she reunited with drummer Lleluja-Ha to transform the recordings of fireworks, ramshackled cab doors and rattling street vendors into life-affirming tones. The musical globetrotter-quilt that defines OY has since been weaved together with playful melodies, synthesizers and percussion, which makes it hard to not fall head over heels with No Problem Saloon’s rythmical electronica – especially if names like Gold Panda and Aphex Twin stand close to the heart.

OY will play at Parkteatret 31st of October, the concert will be a double concert with Monica Ifejilika!

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