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Sheldon Blackman

Double concert with Bafana Nhlapo!

Sheldon Blackman is a performing artist, musician, singer and songwriter from the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago, now based in Oslo Norway with his band THE SOUL REBELS. His music is best described as «Caribbean heart beat music» expressions of Calypso, Soca, Reggae, Rapso and Jamoo fused with elements of jazz, blues and urban music.

From conception, music has been an integral part of Sheldon’s life. His natural love for music was recognized at an early age and nurtured by the expert hand of his father the late great Ras Shorty I, the pioneer of the musical genres of “Soca” and “Jamoo” and father of the family band The Love Circle.

Considered one of the most promising talents to come out of Trinidad and Tobago in recent times, his rich and varied rhythms, the feeling in his music, and lyrics that expound and understand the hope and vision of the masses makes him popular among the youth. Sheldon has three solo albums under his belt: “Remember me”, “One Big Fat Love Bomb”, “Overflowing” and more associate albums with The Love Circle and other artists. His music is best described as ”Caribbean heart beat music!”

No age limit!

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