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Tanjaret Daghet

- Cancelled

NOTE: Cancelled due to medical reasons

For decades, hard rock has given young people the opportunity to express their frustration and anger. That in mind, it should come as no surprise that such music has a certain popularity in the Middle East. However, few bands from the region gain much popularity outside their own circles. This is a trend that Syrian outfit Tanjaret Daghet is about to break.

Forming in 2009, the trio started writing and performing their own material. When the civil war broke out two years later, the members – two of them are educated at the Damascus institute of music and the third an autodidact – were in danger of being drafted for military service. Refusing this, they moved to Lebanon, its capital Beirut now being their headquarters. Their music puts melody and words to the pressure they experience: Tanjaret Daghet means pressure cooker, and the title of their debut album is 180°. Although heavy, their songs are surprisingly melodic and emotional. Make no mistake, though: Their aggression, anger and frustration are all very real.


Khaled Omran (lead vocals, bass guitar, electronics)
Dani Shukri (drums)
Tarek Ziad Khuluki (electric guitar, vocals, electronics)

Tekst: Kristian Krogh-Sørensen

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