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Airplane & Spaceship

- Wide-eyed horror music from the world’s end

It’s surprisingly easy to forget, but the universe is – to put it mildy – alot larger than what we’re able to overview from the window. Worst case scenario: You’ll become so use to see and do the same things every day that life reaches it’s end before you know it. Thankfully Steinnun Eldflaug from Reykjavik knows better than that.

With her one-person orchestra, Airplane & Spaceship (or dj. flugvél og geimskip, as it’s name in Icelandic) Steinunn tries to catapult herself to the world’s end. That’s because she’s heard that through a constant stream of new impressions, one is able to slow down the brain’s experience of time. As a bonus you’ll become a little smarter for each passing second!

For that reason her sonic voyage is quite an adventure: You’ll have to hang on through all the vibrant, quirky and ecstatic detour she takes with the help from her arsenal of neon-coloured Casio-synths. Inspired by John Meeks cosmic pop experiments and wide-eyed synth music from Japan inspired by the Internet, Airplane & Spaceship sounds like little else – at least on our planet.

While her previous album, “Glamúr i geimnum”, delved into the universe’s endlessness, the motif for the follow-up “Nótt á hafsbotni” is all the unexplored nooks and crannies on the seabed. That might explain why this record has a more earthly touch to it: Both the drum rhythms and the vocal techniques sounds like they’ve been fished up some place in the Mediterranean – more precisely along the coastline of Syria and Lebanon.

Text: Kim Klev

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