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- Reggae-influenced battle rap from Oslo

Maria “Lotus” Karlsen has had enough. “I see some (….) hating on my style / Why? Because I’m a multi-talented girl,” she rages on “I Don’t Give a Shit”, the debut single of Awesomnia.

If there’s one thing we’re missing on this rock, it’s female rappers. The scenario would probably look different if the few who actually dare making their voice heard weren’t treated like children.

In other words, Lotus has picked a fight with the patriarchy of rap. And even if she stands rock-solid on her own, she’s filled her awesome army with as much as five men and women – including the beatboxer Bjartur “Beatur” Gudjonsson. Together Awesomnia creates aggressive and savvy hip hop with touches of both g-funk and dancehall. The kind that swings, to be fair.

Text: Kim Klev

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