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Chancha Via Circuito

- Hypnotical digicumbia with the jungle’s beating heart

The soft-spoken tend to have more to tell. Among the three artists who will perform at ZZK Records’ label night during this year’s festival – Nicola Cruz, Miss Bolivia and Chanca Via Circuito – the latter seems in particular to channel the sound of his record label’s ideology. After the latest in a long line of Argentine stock market crashes, Grant Dull, Guillermo Canale and Diego Dulacio from Buenos Aires’ club music scene decided it would be worthwhile to seek out a genuinely South American cultural identity. In the blink of an eye ZZK Records took form.

Chancia Via Circuito, the musical alias of Pedro Canale, is a master of exactly that: His sonic soundscapes sounds like they couldn’t possibly come from another part of the globe. He manages this by founding his tracks in the equally simple and immediate two step of cumbia – in which a oh-so-slow moving beat dances in hypnotic repetitions around Andesian flutes and folk songs.

However, let us not forget the fact this is electronic music: Canales musical roots run deep into the Argentine scene of so-called digicumbia. Yet his studio in Buenos Aires is brimming with all sorts of wooden, hand-carved instruments. It is precisely this balance of the organic and synthetic that makes these drowsy rhythms assume timeless shades. With Chanche Via Circuito’s aid, shamanistic and spiritual excursions in the midst of the rainforest become redundant.

ID: 20 years

ZZK Programme:
22:45-23:45 Nicola Cruz
00:00-01:00 Miss Bolivia
01:00-02:00 Chancha Via Circuito
02:00-03:30 El-G

In collaborations with Ministerio de la Cultura de la Nacion Argentina and PR Producciones.
Supported by Ministerio de la Cultura de la Nacion Argentina.

Text: Kim Klev

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