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Maxida Märak

- concert and seminar

Hard rap, joik & heavy electronic beats – the sami way
Heard it before? Don’t think so. Maxida Märak started producing her own music only two years ago, but has for a long time been a highly respected artist in the world of joik. Now she stands in front of her international breakthrough. With honest — and often politically loaded — lyrics, she is known for giving «too much», rather than too little. Recently she has been followed by a Swedish television crew documenting her life as an artist and activist. At the Nobel Peace Centre, she will talk about her people, her struggle, her music and not least, she will do a special performance with the Nobel Peace Center exhibition as a backdrop.

Maxida Märak will be playing live at the seminar «Devilish Damsels – Women in Music» at Nobel Peace Center, 29th of October.

In collaboration with Riddu Riđđu


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