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Miss Tati

- The saviour of Norwegian neo-soul

Everyone wants a piece of Miss Tati. Even if the name of Norwegian-Angolan-Portugese (puh!) Tatiana Palanca is still just barely known, there have been hearsay of cold sweats, headaches and mood swings – symptoms of good, ol’ abstinence – for people who have seen her perform.

Even if she didn’t win this year’s Urørt finale, it should only be regarded as a lost battle; a mere battle in the war of becoming the saviour of the nation’s neo-soul scene. There’s good things to be said of our rap musicians, but there is sadly a lack of Norwegian ambassadeurs for the velvety funk D’Angelo and Erykah Badu engage in.

Miss Tati dreams of taking that place. With a background as a backing vocalist, including in the softrock concept Fagernes Yacht Klubb, she certainly has the CV to achieve that. When her debut album is released this fall, you’d better hope for a small shift of paradigm.

Double billing with OMVR

Patski Love plays before and after the double billing.

Text: Kim Klev

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