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Nicola Cruz

- Woozy club music of lost innocence

There is something magical in the heart of South America. It’s not a simple task to point out what exactly this consists of, but one thing feels certain: The Western world’s entry into the New World is about to destroy the Latin American mystique for good. An example of this is seen in novelist Gabriel García Márquez’ magnum opus A Hundred Years of Solitude, where colonial powers gradually ruins everything that used to be vibrant about the Colombian village of Macondo.

In that sense you could make the remark that French-born Nicola Cruz follows in the footsteps of the magic-realist authors. Although he’s dubbed his soundscape as “Andes Step”, little about his mournful house productions reminds one of loud-mouthed dance music. Instead, Cruz uses samplers to recreate the sound of a preindustrial Ecuador – the country his parents left, which he recently moved back to – through acoustic instruments and field recordings.

Nicola Cruz’ debut album is just around the corner, but thus far he has taken part in the mixtape A Guide to the Bird Song of South America, where he’s shaped a drowsy rhythm around chirping of the Ecuadorian bird Jocotoco Antpippa. Sadly the species is endangered as its natural habitat is being destroyed through logging and mining. Nicola Cruz tries thus as best he can to save the last remnants of the Latin American soul. Fortunately something quite special takes form with the effort.

ID: 20 years

In collaborations with Ministerio de la Cultura de la Nacion Argentina and PR Producciones. Supported by Ministerio de la Cultura de la Nacion Argentina.

ZZK Programme:
22:45-23:45 Nicola Cruz
00:00-01:00 Miss Bolivia
01:00-02:00 Chancha Via Circuito
02:00-03:30 El-G

Text: Kim Klev

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