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Sarah Camille

- Musical Slam Poetry

In Sarah’s world, storytelling, poetry and music are just different sides of the same matter. Easily alternating between spoken-word performances, hip-hop, song and rhythm, she gives the audience a sense of immediacy and an urge to shut up and listen!

While the poetry flows, the rhythm underscores the message in her lyrics, and the music wraps up the package and puts everything in a context. As young as she might be, she has already been flabbergasting audiences from stages of all sizes.  She has been performing in schools, kindergartens and youth clubs as well as leading Norwegian and international theatres and concert venues, such as Cuban festival in Havana and Slam world championship in Paris.

An active member of Oslo’s slam poetry community, she was awarded the title of Norway’s best slam poet in 2011. This should come as no surprise, as this form of spontaneous and often improvised performance is central in Sarah¹s work. It is precisely this spontaneity and energy that make her lyrics as intensely interesting as they are ­ be it a self-made reflection upon a song by famous Norwegian songwriter Alf Prøysen, or a story about an emotional storm caused by a flirt on the tram. Sarah creates an intimacy to her audience which is hard to match.

Jørn Erik Ahlsen – guitar
Alejandro Gispert – bass
Sidiki Camara – n´goni & perc
Lius Baruch – perc

Double billing with Hindi Zahra

Text: Kristian Krohg-Sørensen

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