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WASL trio

- Beirut & Beyond

Kamilya Jubran has already made her claim amongst everyone interested in Middle Eastern music. A Palestinian, she has been an active musician for several years and impressed audiences with her beautiful vocals and use of the Arabic string instrument oud. Between 1982 and 2002 she was part of Sabreen, a Jerusalem-based group that evolved into a musical collective and an organisation to support and develop Palestinian musicians. Sabreen has been an important part not only of the local music environment, but also of civil society in its perpetual struggle for Palestinian rights.

From 2002, Kamilya has been working solo as well as with other artists. She has created music to accompany several well-known Arabic poems, and in her recent project she performs texts by Druze poet Salman Masalha and Moroccan Hassan Najmi. These poems are closely connected to the classical tradition of Arabic poetry, but they also comprise reflection and worry about the situation in the Arab world. The same is to be said about the music: in Wasl Trio, Jubran is in charge of oud and vocals, whilst Sarah Murcia (France) plays the double bass and Werner Hasler (Switzerland) adds trumpet and electronics. This combination renders a mystical, melancholy sound and creates space for reflections. It is impossible not to listen. We are proud to include Kamilya Jubran’s WASL trio to this year’s Beirut & Beyond.

Text: Kristian Krohg-Sørensen

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