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The new Dabke wine

With their debut release «Shamstep», quartet 47soul set out to create an entirely new genre. Rather than a variation of the brutish electro-beast dubstep, shamstep is a revitalization of dabke, psychedelic dance music from the Bilad al-Sham region; a music that recently saw some new attention, largely due to Omar Souleyman.

47 Souls’ greatest innovation is not so much to buff up this Palestinian street music with the help of analog synths, drum machines and English singing, as it is the highlighting of similarities with Western forms of music. For example, on the track «Meeli» the 12,000 kilometers between Gaza and Los Angeles dissolves as dabke takes shape as a lost relative of g-funk.

In addition the following artists will perform this night:
Youmna Saba
Bei Ru
Bu Kolthoum

Text: Kim Klev

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