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Untzdag: Brian Not Brian (IR) w/ Øyvind Morken (NO) B2B

Untzdag: Brian Not Brian (IR) m/ Øyvind Morken (NO)Raised in Belfast but living in Brixton: Brian Not Brian is far from the greatest globetrotter at this year’s festival. But if you listen to the Irshman’s mixes and DJ sets – as well as the releases on his label, Going Good – it instantly becomes clear that his domain is the unknown, driven by a desire to explore sonic landscapes that are barely charted.

In this sense Brian Not Brian has alot in common with his good friend, our own DJ Sotofett. Despite the African sounding alias Sotofett is from Moss south of Oslo, but sticks to music that sounds cosmic and exotic at the same time: dub, electro, spiritual jazz, northern Italian ‘afro-cosmic’ disco…it’s a long list. And we were talking about Brian Not Brian’s record collection, weren’t we?

With the equally curious Untzdag boss Øyvind Morken by his side, this is destined to be one for the books.

Brian Not Brian & Øyvind Morken B2B

Text: Kim Klev

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