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Bei Ru

Nostalgic beatmaking

Baruir Panossian follows the legacy of sampling masters DJ Shadow and The Avalanches. Like these two, the 36-year-old beatmaker engages in a playful recycling of music and movie clips known to very few. This is a quite a special way to give a new life to things you thought were lost, and Bei Ru’s base material does not make it the least bit less interesting.

With his debut album «Little Armenia (L.A.)» (2010) he cut and pasted almost exclusives from the vinyl record that his Armenian-Lebanese parents listened to while he was growing up in Los Angeles in the early nineties. This is possibly the reason why his music carries with it an infectious, bittersweet nostalgia.

In addition the following artists will perform this night:
Youmna Saba
47 Soul
Bu Kolthoum

Text: Kim Klev

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