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Latlateh (Bu Kolthoum)

Soulful hiphop with a bite

It seems like Latlateh (Bu Kolthoum) has a raging headache. After all, his sole full-length record thus far – on which he proved himself to be gifted both as a producer and a rapper – has the migraine medicine Inderal as its namesake. And even if you don’t know a single word of Arabic, you can easily hear the powerlessness and annoyance in his voice.

Being from Damascus, it probably is quite a natural mindset for him to be in these days. Fortunately, few genres are greater at making sense of such an anger than the soulful and socially conscious hiphop Bu Kolthoum makes. Music heals all kinds of ills.

In addition the following artists will perform this night:
Youmna Saba
47 Soul
Bei Ru

Text: Kim Klev

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