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Fado’s new hope

We need traditionalists like Carminho, who not only continues past musical legacies with panache but also argues for their continued relevance. In the case of the 31-year-old fado – elegant and velvety chamber music dated back to the 1820s – is a literal heritage. Her mother, Teresa Siqueira, used to be one of Portugal’s foremost fado singers.

Inspired by her parents’ favorite records and all the fadoists that visited their home during her childhood, Carminho gave her album debut the telling title Fado. In the years that have passed, she has released two more full-length records, both being a noticeable step towards a more refined and balanced sound.

One of our favorite songs is the dazzling duet “Chuva en Mar”, taken from her latest album, Canto (2014). Here Carminho’s beautiful voice, in keeping with the title (translated: “Rain on the Sea”), dances like peaceful drizzle on the water mirror. It’s the sound of a sunday stroll where everything feels perfect in an ordinariness.

Which is something one could say about the starlet’s whole catalog. The reason that Carminho nevertheless is an extraordinary musician, is due to her ability to bring this music to a much wider and younger audience. In her homeland second album Alma spent 109 staggering weeks on the bestseller list.

In that sense she could be regarded as the Portuguese, more sober sister of Adele.

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Text: Kim Klev


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