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Dom La Nena

The little, big cellist

What were you up to when you were thirteen? If you were like most children, you probably buzzed around in prepubertal confusion, absorbed in completing your collection of cartoons, football cards or milk caps. However, there are people like Dom La Nena who was already cultivating her gifts.

Having played cello since the age of eight, she started her teens by sending fan letters to Christine Walevska, also known as “the cellist goddess”. Shortly after she was invited to Buenos Aires – with her whole family in tow – to study under her idol.

It might sound like she’s grown up too fast, but Dominique Pinto – which is the 27-year-old’s real name – calls herself Dom La Nena (“Dom’ the little”) for good reason. Her debut record Ela (2013) has a dreamy quality, suggesting that there’s still some childishness left in her. While “Sambin” is a playful take on bossa nova, “O Vento” which, with its whispering vocals and swelling strings, is gorgeous and nostalgic.

But quite some time has passed since then, in which Dom La Nena has released two records. Where the first, Birds on a Wire is almost baroque in its expression,  the last one, the solo album Soyo, is closer to  saccharine twee-pop.

We have to do with a rich musicality!

Text: Kim Klev

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