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Night Flight: William Kouam Djoko (NL) + Sunara (LK) w / MC Kaman (NO)

Multitasking synesthetics

If there’s one thing that unites William Kouam Djoko and Sunara, it’s their ability to master several things at the same time. Where the former juggles disc jocking with both dancing (classically trained!) and rapping (self-taught!), Sunara is equally gifted as a visual artist as a DJ.

So you start to wonder if they’re not synaesthetics, which means the ability to “hear” smells, “taste” colors and “see” sounds. People with synesthesia – a sort of mild super power – are in fact more driven towards the creative fields, and are also more likely to draw lines between them.

Although William Kouam Djoko is drawn towards bassline-driven house where Sunara expresses a deep affection for minimal techno, it’s difficult not to describe their selections as quite colorful. Where other DJs in the same sonic landscapes are easily drawn into monotony, their sets sparkle with life.

William Kouam Djoko (NL) kl.01.15
Sunara (LK) kl.23.00
MC Kaman (NO) kl.23.00

Text: Kim Klev

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