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Positive People – Stella Mwangi & African Sunz

Bringing back genuine optimism

As popular music seems to become more shallow by each passing day, a hunger arises for projects like Positive People. «Our goal is to call forth a positive attitude within the listener, both for themselves and in the encounter with others,» claims the supergroup consisting of rap duo African Sunz, producer Soulbase and Stella Mwangi, Norway’s greatest female MC.

If you tend to be pessimistic, you might find the wording of such a manifest to be a bit hollow. But then you clearly haven’t listened to their music. In their respective means, the quartet contributed greatly to making 2015 the year where Norway had a slight resemblance to Nigeria as a trendsetter of contemporary afropop.

While Stella Mwangi stood tall amid congotronics-like rhythms on «Chukua Hatua», her brother Kimani Sunz – together with his partner Balita Sunz, and aided by an excellent Soulbase beat – made mingling with ladies who are single («Mingele») sound like a fun activity, rather than a social game that sucks the soul out of you.

All this makes good promise on Positive People’s songs, which at the time of writing have yet to see the light of day. Are we to believe Vegar Dahl, which is Soulbase’s real name, the joint venture leans heavily on the reggae- and dancehall heritage of Jamaica, a musical tradition that knows how to deliver life-affirming messages with both punch and panache. It really is something to get excited about.

Double concert with MHD
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Text: Kim Klev

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