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Retro: Nastia (UA) / Dj Nuhhh! (NO)

Hypnotic techno in the aftermath of the Euromaidan Revolution

Nastia is the right woman at the right time: In the aftermath of the Euromaidan Revolution in 2014 the club scene in Ukraine has flourished. She has compared it with rave culture in Britain in the late 80’s, when a decade of cold-hearted Thatcherism led a whole generation into feverish dancing.

As an organizer, label boss, radio host and DJ in Kiev, Nastia has been at the forefront of providing Ukrainian youth with what they desire: Hypnotic techno, performed in nightclubs where the sun never seems rise (currently there are no laws saying when the soundsystem must be turned off).

If Ukraine continues to follow in the footsteps of Britain, it’s only a matter of time before the authorities come and ruin the party. Until then, the country is characterized by a vibrant life of electronic music – with Nastia as their primary ambassador.

Nastia (UA) kl.01.15
Dj Nuhhh (NO) kl.23:00
Geir Svenson (NO) kl.22.00

Text: Kim Klev

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