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Seminar: Forbidden songs

Nobels fredssenter

For most of us music is essential. Music inspires and engages. Music has unlimited opportunities to express our feelings, ideas and traditions. Music is identity carried across borders. Music is and has always been, a strong tool in the struggle for peace and freedom. Music gives us hope and strength, but can also create division and conflict.

Free entrance – registration required

The seminar Forbidden Songs will look at what happens when music comes into conflict with people in power, the consequences that occur when they feel threatened by words and ideas. What happens when art forces you to leave everything you love ? What happens when the music forces you to be silent? The starstudded panel have all experienced censorship and they all have powerful stories to tell.

Ole Reitov- Moderator of the seminar. Director of Freemuse.

  • Moddi- Artist and activist. Recently released the album Unsongs. A remarkable collection of songs that have been banned, censored or silenced.
  • Mashrou ́ Leila– Indiepop band. Mashrou ́ Leila is probably the biggest band from the arabic world right now.
  • Emel Mathlouthi – Tusisian artist and activist, known for her protestsongs which became anthems for the Tunisian Revolution.
  • Deeyah Khan – Filmmaker and activist. Deeyah Khan is a critically acclaimed music producer and Emmy and Peabody award-winning documentary film director and founder of media company Fuuse.
  • Stephen Budd- Music industry executive. Budd is british manager, rock festival owner and Co-Chairman of the Music Managers Forum.

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