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Songs in the mist

Usynlige stemmer fra Iran

Three young female singers – all pupils of the famous Iranian singer Mahsa Vahdat – presents songs from the Persian poetic golden age : The texts of Rumi , Hafez and Khayyam , melodies created by the centuries of Persian vocal tradition.

The three artists who in their homeland must be invisible, Ooldouz pouri ,Neila Safaei and Afarin Nazari. To give the audience a sense of the the lyrics content from the mystic tradition within Sufi literature, the actor AndreaBræin Hovig will recite Norwegian translations.
Two Norwegian musicians creates a musical platform for women who also accompanies themselves on the traditional Persian instruments khanoon and tar.
The concert at Henie Onstad Kunstsenter is a realease concert of the record with the same name. It will be released at Kirkelig Kulturverksted. Seven female singers are involved in Songs in the mist. Ooldouz Pouri, Mahsa Azimi og Afarin Nazari are three of the singers coming to the Oslo World and they play a central role in the coming album. Erik Hillestad has spent several periods in Iran and he is, together with the singer Mahsa Vahdat producing the album.

Tickets on sale from November 7th. 




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