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Youmna Saba

Soothing folk experiments

The music of Youmna Saba – who’s both musicologist and graphic designer – has anxiety supressing properties. This is partly due to her Arab singing, but mainly because of the brilliant arrangements, where an expressive oud is accompanied by shimmering guitars and noises from non-musical objects. As a result, her gorgeous third solo album «Njoum» (2015) sounds hushed and expansive at the same time.

It’s no wonder why British cult hero Mike Cooper, who’s work also finds itself at the intersection between folk and experimental music, wanted to collaborate with Youmna. But despite its ability to soothe, she finds that a lot of people in hectic Beirut lacks the patience to sink into her universe. However, we hope for your own well-being that you’ll set aside a spot in your calendar.

In addtion the following artist will perform this night:
47 Soul
Bei Ru
Bu Kolthoum

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