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Celtic Roots Ensemble

Star team on Celtic Trip

It is not often you can use the term «super group» and get away with it, but on this occation it is a fitting description. With musicians like Knut Reiersrud, Aly Bain, Ale Möller, Tuva Syvertsen, Frasier Fifield, Eric Bibb and Olle Linder, you know you can expect a musical joyride unlike any other.

The band was put together to do recording in the “Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic” series, and the members were handpicked by the producer Siggi Loch. The purpose of the series is to present music that has influenced the European music tradition from different musical roots, and in this example it is of course the Celtic music that is in focus.

The result was the live album “Jazz at Berlin Philharmonic VI: Celtic Roots”, and album that received great acclaim both in jazz circles and by music critics in general in Europe. Track by track the album highlights both traditional and contemporary Celtic music with great respect and by an exceptional set of musicians.

Knut Reiersrud – guitar, lapsteel and harmonica
Ale Möller – mandola, trompet, flutes, dulcimer and organ
Fraser Fifield – sax, flutes and Scottish bag pipe
Tuva Syvertsen – vocal, hardingfiddle, organ
Aly Bain – fiddle
Olle Linder – percussion and bass

This concert is produced by Riksscenen. Riksscenen is the national scene for folk music and folk dance from all over the world.

Text: Riksscenen

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